Thank you, Heartland!
by Shajen Joy Aziz, M.Ed.

Thank You Roger and Vivien and everyone at Rainy Day Books in Kansas City for your beautiful welcome of Demian and me and Discover The Gift. We love it there. Such beautiful people and a wonderful town. We are excited to return.

We had an amazing time with everyone in Kansas City – your stories inspire us and your reception continues to warm our hearts. Thank you all the wonderful people in the Heartland ~ this was the perfect place to begin our tour.

Since 1975, Rainy Day Books has been located in the heart of Kansas City in the midtown suburb of Fairway, Kansas. Considered one of the leading independent booksellers in the country and profiled in the national Publishers Weekly for having “set the gold standard” for the industry for Author Events. When you shop atRainy Day Books you’re a part of our Legacy of Literacy for Kansas City.

Check out other stops on our tour on the Discover the Gift Events/Screenings page. We hope to see you!