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Shajen Joy Aziz – author, speaker, trainer and coach

“Last week’s show on Joyful Living Health Radio with Shajen Joy Aziz was so well received the founder of the Amazing Women of Power Network asked me to air it as an encore show.” ~ Gwen Lepard, Host of Joyful Living Radio

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for being a guest yesterday on Whole Life Living Radio Network. I enjoyed your amazing spirit and energy in sharing yesterday. My minister listened in and was so inspired. LOL! She said, those two, they’ve got it going on!” ~ Sherry Gideon, Host of Whole Life Living Radio

“As a part of our truly amazing and very powerful “DISCOVER THE GIFT” ( Global Trainer Weekend, which was facilitated by Shajen Joy Aziz in Los Angeles, we also went on a field trip to Agape Church yesterday Sunday morning, where Michael Beckwith honored Shajen, her family, DTG and the Global Trainers and Ambassadors.” ~ Yves Nager, USA

“Shajen has been consulting me for years around personal development and communication her coaching and teachings have supported me in ways beyond my imagination. She is dedicated, honest, clear and filled with real world tools to live a more joyful life. Her deep compassion and stand for humanity is palpable at all levels. Because of her teachings, support and wisdom, I am living my Gifts every day.” ~ Dr. Jennifer D. Pollock – Electromagnetic Engineer for Tesla Motors

Thanks Mentor Shajen for these realizations.. I have a choice with my life and I’m happy every moment of my life. 🙂 I’m amazed mentor, really amazed. I also thank you ma’am. I always include you in my visualizations in times of success and defeat. I always think of the influential people of my life and it includes. YOU. 🙂 Here’s my list: Napoleon Hill, Mahatma Gandhi, Jim Rohn, Shajen Joy Lichtenstein, Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey and most of all the creator/ the infinite intelligence… This are the major molders of my life.”       ~ Napoleon Jacutin – Philippines

“Thank you so much!!! It is absolutely fantastic to be a part of this power house weekend training!”,   ~ Eunjung Choi – Korea and Denver, CO

“The training process was powerful for me, and I learned SO much about myself. I now have the gift of releasing that pain to make space for my greatness. The light that shown through after that darkness was intense and there were tears… of vulnerability, of power, of joy, realization, relief, love. I saw some of my own gifts more clearly than I ever have. Like the light after a storm. Beautiful. I share this because I know we all have darkness and fear and pain inside of us, and uncovering it, pulling it out into the light, is not easy. Growth is messy and uncomfortable at times. AND IT’S WORTH IT. One of our gifts is experiencing the process of acknowledging and owning all the parts of
ourselves, forgiving them, loving them, and then releasing what isn’t serving us and others, to make room for more of what IS. We are a powerful group and we hold the space for each other’s process. Our truth is our gift.” ~ In gratitude, M Kyle  Hollingsworth, Creative Director for FOX Sports

“I am experiencing the deep transformational work and teachings of the most powerful peace activating sister-brother combo in the western hemisphere. Great job Shajen and Demian!” ~ Jay Ponti, Founder of USA

“Shajen is very bright and able to read the culture and procedures of people and systems swiftly and accurately. These skills were put to the test immediately, as our year began with a series of challenging student situations, some at crisis level for the young people involved. Even though she was brand new on the job, Shajen proved highly effective in addressing these needs, working tirelessly with students, families, and school and agency personnel. She approached volatile and confusing situations with a calm, compassionate professionalism that helped everyone involved settle down and think more clearly. She was persevering, resourceful, and caring in her management of these cases, and we were deeply grateful for her presence.”       ~Martha Jane Rich, Head of School – Thetford Academy– USA

“Her enthusiastic support and strong verbal skills in advocating for her students are always front and center, even when she is responding quickly to bullying or disruptive outbreaks with students she does not know. She once walked into a disruptive study center and was able, just through her presence, to create a quiet and organized study atmosphere. She possesses a rare combination of administrative skills, teaching experience, clinical skills, strong student advocacy, alternative education program
planning, and social skills.”  ~Sally Shipton, – USA

“When we set out to look for a person to manage a planning room, take a leadership role in the elementary school and deliver support, counseling, anti-bullying programs and discipline, I never believed that we would be able to find someone with the degree of experience, the skill set and knowledge of children, especially the ones with behavioral challenges, and with such a calm, kind, forgiving, and creative spirit. We are blessed with her presence.” ~Karl Stein, Teacher – USA

“Shajen has a gift and when working with her clients and students. She encourages and supports them to help promote self-esteem, academic integrity, and a more positive school, home and work environment. Shajen is able to recognize and understand how schools and families need to interface and has worked to improve communication and accountability on both ends. Shajen’s expertise in the area of crisis prevention and educational support has helped our school become more efficient, effective, and safe.” ~Barrett Williams, Principal Sharon Elementary School– USA

“Shajen’s passion is being an advocate for adults, children and families. Her goals reside in helping her clients to receive the education they deserve while helping them develop the skills they need to be successful in the world at large. Her innate qualities of honesty and integrity are unparalleled. Shajen conducts herself with honor and takes great pride in serving children, and in doing so, allows those she works with to achieve the same. The students she serves and the systems she works in are made
stronger and better from her input, experience, and presence.” ~ Erica Pearson, Director of Guidance and Counseling, USA

“She demonstrates an incredible understanding of her students’ emotional needs and how they impact their academic, personal, professional and daily functioning.”   ~Leora E. Black, PH.D, Counseling Connections Founder -USA

“Shajen creates a climate and culture which empowers her students to be responsible independent learners who are able to make positive choices. She is a great advocate for students in helping them learn new and productive ways to get their needs met as well as advocating on their behalf.”  ~Catherine Bell, – USA

“Shajen has always impressed me with her courage and her compassion for some of the most troubled youth in our society. Shajen has high standards. She expects the best from herself, her workplace and the clients she serves. And what is more – she gets it.”  ~David Burggraff, Ph.D.,Clinical Psychologist – USA

“Her many skills include the ability to reach and effect change in the most challenging of cases. She is able to balance her compassion and warmth with firm and consistent management of difficult behaviors. She is intelligent, diligent, creative, and passionate about her work. She works with integrity, courage, and great respect and thoughtfulness of her families and children.” ~Eleanor Anderson, Psychologist Master, Area Manager, Community Mental Health Center, USA

“Shajen has purpose and passion. The excitement and enthusiasm she shows when working with her students, clients and their families is authentic. It is real and it is contagious.” ~Scott M. O’Hearn, MSW, School Counselor – USA

“Shajen helped me raise my confidence and step through my fear. She was critical for helping me activate my potential and my gifts. Shajen is such an inspiration. There aren’t exact words to tell how grateful I am for my renewed spirit. I’ll go home full of love and inspiration and sharing my experience to the whole family. I once wrote to her this in exact words “I always dream to seek for someone to whom I can share my passion with.” By now, it is no longer a dream because I am living with it with Shajen. I can’t totally explain but I feel extreme joy and happiness since working with her.”  ~ Fe G., Phillipines

“Women unite and support each other through Shajen’s guidance. Shajen is a gifted leader and teacher who can be believed in whole heartedly. If you can attend one of her trainings or work with her 1:1, I’m sure it will be magical and all will be better for it. Since working with her, I have discovered one of my gifts. I possess a VERY tenacious will. I am learning to listen to and trust my authentic self. This is a testimonial to the power of Discover The Gift and an expression of my sincerest gratitude. Without DTG’s energy, especially Shajen, I may have been too afraid to find and use my real voice!” ~ Amy Rachelle Meador, – USA

“Shajen Joy Aziz and The Global Trainer Program is amazing …not only did I jump out of my comfort zone …by saying YES to myself, I jumped on a big plane and flew half way around to world on my own, I met amazing new people and now have an amazing new family of friends globally and this is all before I got into the room ….The training is something that must be on your bucket list to do….because I guarantee that when you do it will change your life in so many ways…. Do you know what your top five passions are? NO well do this training and you will know…do you know what you are open and receptive too? NO! then do this training and find out. Do you know how to set powerful intentions that move you forward in life? NO! then again do this training and find out… I could write forever on the value of this training….all I can say is >>>JUST SAY YES TO YOURSELF.”  ~ Denise Lambie, Dip. HM, DTG Global Trainer – Australia

“More than a philosophy, Shajen and her work guide you along a journey. Abundant with the ways to align ourselves for the profound change in consciousness that is upon us. Expect an experience that cannot help but touch your heart and transform your world!” ~ Irene W. Ray, Perpetual Student of Life and Health”

“I came from the hood and Shajen, along with the Discover The Gift Global Trainer Program changed my life on all levels. It helped me reconnect with my family; learn how to forgive and be a great father and how to activate my dreams.”  ~ Octavio Cueva – Certified Global Ambassador

“This work was so emotional for me…it took me to another level of awakening/transformation. Thank you so much Shajen.” ~ Anita N., USA