“Last week I attended the world premiere of the film Discover the Gift here in New York City,” writes Michelle Brock for The Examiner. “Held at NYU’s Skirball Center, I walked in to the event with the supreme confidence of feeling that I knew what to expect.

I had already seen the film, having been sent a preview screening copy several months before to facilitate the review I wrote and also the interview I did with filmmakers Shajen Joy Aziz and her brother Demian Lichtenstein on my radio talk show. The film had impressed me, and had inspired some new avenues of thought and action in my own life and career. It had, in fact, moved me to tears several times. It is a truly beautiful film, and I felt that I knew what it was about.

On my way upstairs to the pre-screening reception, I ran into Shajen Joy Aziz. Now, I had previously seen photos of her and had even spoken to her on the phone during my interview, but I was completely unprepared for what happened when I saw her. She and I had never met, yet I felt a sudden intense urge to grab her and give her a big hug. When I succumbed to this urge and did so, she didn’t flinch at all. Instead, she warmly said hello and flashed me an enormous, beautiful, radiant smile. Looking around, I noticed that her husband Cherif Aziz (who is also one of Discover the Gift’s filmmakers) wore a similar smile, as did her brother Demian, her daughter, and several others who were standing next to her. In fact, each single person in her perimeter wore a smile that lit up his or her face. As I took this fact in, I realized that I was also wearing this same enormous grin. Whatever it was about this woman, it was quite obviously incredibly magnetic. I was beyond intrigued.

. . .

I watched the film that night with completely new eyes, and realized that “Discover the Gift” could be viewed many times over and it would be possible to discover something fresh and personally relevant in it each and every time.

. . .

I left feeling light, inspired and ready to discover how I might live my own Gift to its’ fullest. On the sidewalk outside, I struck up a seemingly random conversation with a woman who had also been at the screening. As we chatted, we connected on a work related project I have wanted to do, and we exchanged business cards. Looking at my cell phone, which had been turned off during the film, I noticed that I had two voicemails from people whom I had been waiting to hear back from concerning other work projects. I checked my email to find more work opportunities and several inquiries from potential clients. I was stunned, could it really work that quickly?

. . .

I got really excited, though, when I realized that there were only a few ripples of this shift that I could actually track. I still wonder exactly how far it has extended, and how many others who are friends of friends, neighbors, even complete strangers that had taken another step into their Gift because I have decided to. And, how many more steps into my Gift can I take? Perhaps the number is infinite, and maybe then that’s what it means to be ‘living’ your Gift – that you don’t need count the steps, you only keep taking them.

Michelle Brock is a spiritual development life coach and hypnotist who specializes in past life regression, intuitive development, and using guided imagery to manifest positive life changes. Her approach is practical, down to earth, and completely non-denominational, as she believes that true spirituality is an individual journey. Having uncovered memories from more than 30 of her own past lives, Michelle is an experienced guide on this path of self-discovery.