The HeartBEAT of Love
by Christine Stevens

“The Creator loved the drum so much He gave everyone a heartbeat.”
~Navajo saying

The language of music is universal. When spoken language falls short, you can connect through music. Rhythm is a Gift within every person.

It is as simple as the heartbeat, the pulse of life emanating from the heart, the place of divine love and inspiration.

Love beats between people like a rhythmical soundtrack. Drums create dialogues where energy is exchanged in wordless heart-felt beats. Through music, we speak of love and share love.

In Discover the Gift, I talk about creating harmony between different tribal and language groups in Iraq through drumming using the gift of music. Although I was initially afraid to go to Iraq, I discovered that I felt at home in the rich culture of music.

Instead of guns, terrorists, and suicide bombers as portrayed in the media, I found musicians, dancers, singers, chanters, and musical ceremonies for spiritual upliftment. While I was there, I was given a gift; a large frame drum with layers of rings hanging on the inside called the daf often played in Sufi ceremonies.

On the drum is painted a beautiful woman’s face. Next to her image is a poignant verse from the Persian love poet Rumi, which says, “there is no greater sound than LOVE, the vibration that encircles the universe forever.”

Believe in this love.

Imagine the love encircling the planet; encircling your heart. Take out your drum or just tap on your heart center of your body and connect to the sense of rhythmical enchantment that vibrates and resonates of love within you.

How can you share your personal love rhythm – your Gift – with the world, your family, friends, and with all your relations?