Your Gift Will Assert Itself, Again and Again
By Sheila R. McKeithen, J.D.

We each are on the planet to share a Gift that heals us as it blesses the world. Much of our dis-satisfaction in life is because we are frustrating our Gift. When we refuse to live from the Gift that is ours to share, we fall prey to depressed thoughts and feelings.

In Discover the Gift, Cherif Aziz is frustrated and doesn’t know if he wants to remain married. Like so many he believes his marriage is the problem when, in fact, he is the problem.

He discovers that he has always wanted to be involved in filmmaking, yet he has not done so. What he realizes is that his refusal to act on his desire to make films is the source of his frustration. It is his frustration that is negatively impacting his marriage.

Once Cherif changes his mind and chooses to join his brother-in-law, Demian Lichtenstein, in filmmaking ventures, his life changes for the better. So does his marriage.

When I heard Cherif’s story, I knew it was my story as well. Perhaps it is your story, too. The good news is this: Stories change and we are the ones who change them by changing ourselves.

There is a Cherif in each of us. We know we are gifted to do a certain thing but we don’t do it. We create excuses why it is not possible, practical and affordable to do so.

Yet, the Gift will not die. It will assert itself again and again as it seeks to capture our attention.

So, what is your Gift? Have you discovered it?

Ask five friends this question: “What do you think I do really well?” Their responses are likely to provide the clues that lead you to the gift that patiently awaits your recognition.

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