Directing a motion picture is both the single greatest artistic endeavor in self-expression and acknowledgment of my own gift. At the same time, it is the most difficult thing you can do.

There were over 15 million individual choices made during the five-year creative process. Editing over 480 hours of footage down to 97 minutes caused me to look at my own life and made me see what I could edit out of my own story that would translate into an inspiring and transformational experience using the gift of my own existence. It is not possible to spend years watching and listening to the voices of so many spiritual masters without coming to some fundamental conclusions — making movies is a passion and a deep love affair, but not for the faint of heart.

Though I am honored to have the position as Director, the book, the movie and the movement would not exist without the extraordinary contributions of my team and our luminaries. It is to them that I owe a deep sense of gratitude and respect for their commitment to the uplifting of humanity. There were many times during this journey, that in truth I am still on, that I would have given up if it had not been for all of them.

I owe a special, loving and simple thank you to my sister Shajen Joy Aziz for asking the question that set me on the path to the greatest creative endeavor I have ever embarked upon. It gave me the key to unlocking the gates of my soul and allowed me to see, feel and know that the ultimate gift is LOVE and that there is nothing else but that. All else is but an illusion.